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Cat Art Show 2: The Sequel In the News

 “5 Kittens”    Artist: Walter Chandoha   Photograph   11 X 14

“5 Kittens”
Artist: Walter Chandoha

Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel is the much anticipated follow-up to ‘Cat Art Show Los Angeles,’ which took place last year and drew almost 5,000 visitors over a four-day run.” – Los Angeles Times

“Cat Art Show L.A. Is Back and It’s Purrfect” – L.A. Weekly

“This year, the Cat Art Show will feature work by tattoo artist Kat Von D, pop surrealist master Mark Ryden, celeb photographer Mick Rock and ‘Walking Dead’ sexpot Norman Reedus. Inspired by our ancient ties to cats, the show is meant to provoke, nurture and inspire our feline side.” – Elite Daily

“In 2014, the first-ever Cat Art Show Los Angeles brought in well-known artists like Tracey Emin to depict the wonders of the feline form. Two years later, the event is back and even more a-meow-zing than ever.” – Mental Floss

‘The big draw this year is Walter Chandoha, long-time cat photographer. “He’s the godfather of cat art!” Michals says. His “Five Kittens” photo will be on display. “This piece has never been available for sale to the general public, ever.”‘ – Cat Channel

“The show features contemporary artists and photographers like Mark Ryden, Marion Peck and Mick Rock alongside familiar pop culture faces like actor Norman Reedus, Incubus singer Brandon Boyd and Simon’s Cat creator Simon Tofield.” – Time Out Los Angeles

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Artist: Shepard Fairey

Artist: Shepard Fairey

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